Grown American Superfood 4-week bag


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Our organic, plant-based superfood powder is packed with 31 fruits and vegetables, providing an easy and delicious way to satisfy your daily nutritional needs.

Give your body everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t!

  • 100% Organic and Grown in the USA
  • 31 whole fruits and vegetables – 5 Organic Concentrated Leafy Greens, 8 Organic Super Fruits, 6 Organic Vegetables, and 12 Organic Sprouts
  • Fresh picked and gently dried to lock in the freshness and goodness
  • Sweet, great-tasting Apple-licious flavor
  • Full of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and natural phytonutrients.
  • Free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and dangerous toxins
  • No fat, no fillers, no added sugar, no cholesterol and no GMOs
  • Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free, and Dairy free
  • 100% Organic and Grown in the USA

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